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Kala Sansukruti

Kala Sanskruti synonymous with Bandhani, was established in the year 2011 and has been a leader in the textile and retail business for over years. An icon of Indian Culture , Kala Sanskruti has become synonymous with Bandhani or Silk sarees. Kala Sanskruti success story has a fairy tale ring to it. Started as a small retail store for Bandhani Sarees in Gujarat by a young man called Karan Shah in 2011, the family-run shop did steady business for years after which the Grandson, Kala Sanskruti bandhani Chet ti took over. In a radical departure from convention, Kala Sanskruti decided that the shop would do no discount selling, an unheard-of prospect back in the 2011. Since then it has been a pioneer in the field of Bandhani, leading the change for an entire industry. Kala Sanskruti soon built up an image of unrivalled quality at reasonable prices; its roster of loyal clients also grew multi fold. An year brand with considerable equity in the Gujarat , Kala Sanskruti is still the popular destination of choice for Bandhani , silks and wedding Saree today.

Brand Since 2011

Kala Sansukruti

Kala Sansukruti