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Maharashtrian snacks and street foods are very popular throughout the state, but most especially in Mumbai. The variety and types of snacks and street food is diverse and can be either sweet or savory in nature. But the most popular and famous snack is the famous Bhakarwadi which, is a traditional spicy maharastrian snack recipe which requires effort but can be stored for weeks and enjoyed with evening tea.

It is a traditional sweet and spicy tea-time snack preparation said to have originated from the Maharashtrian cuisine. This snack is a flour based round disc shaped stuffed with a mix of poppy seeds, grated coconut, sesame seeds, coriander and cumin seeds, black pepper corns, hing, fennel seeds and little sugar all mixed together, powdered and rolled similar to a Swiss roll and cut into tiny spiral disc and then finally deep fried to a crispy finish.

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